Every Day I Have To Cry

The hypothesis: crying daily will release the junk that's tearing at my soul. Reasoning: Why not?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 5. How Dry-eyed I Am!

I had no idea this crying thing would be so tricky.

I thought once the floodgates were open....but that's just the thing: they haven't really opened up!
I get a couple of tears and that's it.

OK. New goal. Open the gates!

It's conditioning - years of conditioned suppression.
Sure. Most of us were told not to cry when we were young. Then threatened.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Days 3 & 4:Cryin' Time

I'm finding it difficult to make time to weep!

That sounds SO crazy. I'm so conditioned to make time for fun (which, let's face it: I don't do either) but now I have to make time for ocular precipitation.

I am going to try some music this time.

Will report on all. Tomorrow -Monday, I will start a list of the things that work.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 3- Precious Tears

Something occurred to me during my last cry attempt: I need more 'stuff' to make me cry!

I'm limited to a couple of recordings and poems.

I'm not talking about the stuff inside, I have years of pent up crapola in there. Thousands of arguments, subway rides, missed opportunities, lost friends...I can't even go on.

Gotta find me some good cry triggers.
What I'm finding is that once you get it going, all sorts of things occur to cry about.
I am simply too good at suppressing the tears.

I had a short cry this AM. Just because I had time.
Like 3 tears, and I still felt renewed, cleansed, ready to face the world.
Oh, yeah: then I got on the subway.