Every Day I Have To Cry

The hypothesis: crying daily will release the junk that's tearing at my soul. Reasoning: Why not?

Friday, June 30, 2006

A Quinn Martin Production?

Slowly but surely, the pods were tucked in beside my sleeping friends. Initially, they recommended Buffy. That was troubling. Last year, it was Project Runway. Ew. That made me feel all creepy inside. Now, they like House and I figured, Hugh Laurie’s been in a lot of them intellectual type movies, ain't he? So, how bad could that be?

I admit it was bearable, but I won’t waste my precious life moments on it. I think Hugh the actor is feeling cynical and nasty about having to be around so many bad TV-style actors, but perhaps he needs to buy a car or pay child support or something, so he opted to do this crappy Fox show. I did enjoy watching him 'use what he has' emotionally (I learned that in acting class, too, Hugh!).

Clearly, Robert Sean Leonard has the difficult job because his character doesn't wallow in a cozy rut of exhausted acrimony. Hopefully, his forbearance will finance a future stage production.

It might be impossible for anyone attempting the Sisyphean climb away from the moronic not to grow bearishly sardonic. Can I send unconditional love to every being on the planet while spending 20 minutes in a dolt-strewn subway car? I can only try.

I do enjoy Mr. Laurie’s cane work: very Orson in Touch of Evil.