Every Day I Have To Cry

The hypothesis: crying daily will release the junk that's tearing at my soul. Reasoning: Why not?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Back to Boredom

I'm allowing comments today.
I'm a bit sensitive and have not yet had the courage, but what the heck: I don't want to live in a vacuum.

I could use a new vacuum. I have an Electrolux from the 1950's that's falling apart, but is incredibly powerful. The handle is taped on. I believe this vacuum is a metaphor for my life, but I'm not really in the mood to go there.
Maybe I'd be less bored if I cleaned my apartment more frequently.

The rub: boredom and anxiety are two common goblins who tend to hob together.
I find I'm too anxious about the enormity of the cleaning to actually tackle it.

I can't believe I said 'a bit sensitive'. I'm highly sensitive. I'm a HSP, Highly Sensitive Person! I've only recently convinced myself that being an HSP was better than being an insensitive dolt. An ID. The IDs rule the world. But they often need the HSPs as consultants.


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