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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Psychic Blubber

In an attempt to get a 'big picture' on what exactly is going on with Americans being so overweight, I am looking beyond McDonald's and Pepsi and pulling that shot way way out to--I'm using a crane now-- get an idea of what might be going on.

What is fat? It's excess adipose tissue. It's excess of something non-nutritious. Isn't that what we've been gorging on...CRAP?? Crap food, crap drink, crap TV, crap books and movies-- we even wearing crap clothing. We breathe crap air and don't even notice.

It's not just the quality of the intake, it's concept of intake as entertainment. I would guess that one burns more calories watching a play than watching Project Runway. There is certainly more calorie burning going on while acting in a play than while watching anything. More activity in climbing a small hill than watching a show about Everest, cooking than watching a cooking show.

My points:
  • We've been doing too much taking in and not enough doing.
  • Speaking scientifically, it may be all about calories in and out, but the "knowing" part of me says it's also the excessive intake of all kinds of crap.
  • Let's get involved in our lives before they're over and we wish we didn't spend them watching other people doing things.

So I don't think that just a "no-crap food" diet is enough. No crap intake of any kind. And more doing. That's it, children.
Have I had the courage to disconnect my TV yet?...Damn: If I could have but one channel: Turner Classic Movies.


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