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Friday, July 14, 2006

Thoreau's Weekend

Who invented this 'work five days, get 2 off' thing? It's really not conducive to life enjoyment.
I suppose that when it started to be 'work' instead of 'life', existence became less pleasant.

I really hate Sundays, because I keep thinking of Monday. All day. And it ruins the fun. Sunday is also a loaded day because it's church day...or it used to be for a lot of us. And the big one supposedly rested on Sunday in the myth.

I guess the idea of unions is to band together and not take anyone's bullshit anymore. What a powerful force all the workers would be...if solidarity could really be achieved. We could all just do whatever we felt like, and I do believe things would run fairly smoothly. Of course, there would be no CEO-to-lowly worker ratio scandal...

Socialist? Sure, I am.
H.D. Thoreau didn't have a weekend. He pretty much did what he pleased and worked when necessary.
He did die relatively young, though.


Blogger Yasser said...

well first, there can never be consensus when people band together for natural reasons; and second - you can in fact determine what you want to do and when but only a few people have the character/opportunity to reach the positions that would give them this kind of power.....

2:15 PM  

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