Every Day I Have To Cry

The hypothesis: crying daily will release the junk that's tearing at my soul. Reasoning: Why not?

Friday, August 25, 2006

Actors Eat Fruit Loops

This blog is about my veganism and my acting career. But enough about me.

None of my friends are even vegetarian. And many are actors, ex-actors or other entertainment types. And they all eat pretty badly. I just don't get it. They're smart people! They don't have to go vegan but at least stop with the crap food!'

But they're all very mainstream and roll their eyes when I talk about toxic cleaning products etc.

I know I'm the only person I can change! That's what I'm doing. Trying to get my acting career back on track and my health better and better.

I believe it's all inextricably enmeshed.



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